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Johannes Nilsson

Proficient project leader and communicator with a strong educational base in both natural and social sciences with 7+ years work experience in Sweden and developing countries overseas. Work experience from public and private sectors as well as with development cooperation, civil society organisations and the Swedish Navy. I am driven, listening, highly structured and find delivery of high quality and timely results to be an important motivator. I am a strong supporter of clear leadership and routines for process continuity and planning while avoiding group think to foster a creative environment. 



I have a strong education in technical subjects from ABB Senior High School of Engineering, a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Örebro University, Sweden and a Master of Science in Political Science and Asian Studies from Lund Univeristy, Sweden. I have worked in private and public sectors as well as the Swedish navy. I also carry extensive practical development work experience from my time as Communication and Climate Change Officer for the Swedish INGO Forum Syd in Cambodia. During three years in Cambodia, I co-managed the Joint Climate Change Initiative (JCCI), a collaborative effort between three international organizations to enhance climate change mitigation and adaptation capacities among 22 Cambodian NGOs and their target communities. This included realization of multiple workshops and organizing international study trips to showcase best practices. 


Please visit my LinkedIn page for more and to connect.


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